Cute, Cool, Messy & Elegant Hairstyles for Prom Looks, you’ll love it!

If your perfect prom hairstyle is to combine the latest trends with casual elegance, take a look at these gorgeous “stand-out” styles! Making the right impression can mean just jazzing up your look with a trendy ash-toner for blondes, or a whopping, purple color-wash for brunettes. Of course, you may prefer to ‘knock’ em dead ‘with either up-style or a’ in your face ‘fat, white braid on dark hair. If you just want to look cool, there are plenty of messy chignons. And for short – medium length hair you need to see, the smart, disheveled faux-chignons! What’s your favorite style, you will find fab new colors and inspirational prom hairstyles right here!

Natural pearlized ash tones with a casual finish – half-up hairstyle

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

Teen Half-Up Hairstyle brings one of the newest natural ash colors, with locker curls, for a perfect party look! It is the sophistication that results in the extra height, along the top and teased volume around the crown. But the slightly disheveled finish means you do not look like you’ve tried too hard to impress! Long and shiny hair is unbeatable !!!

Pretty pulled-out braid with cute floral accessory – cute prom hairstyle

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren Here is a very new braid hair design that has several attractive features making it perfect for a prom or other special event. The hair color is natural and medium brown with sun-brightened topcoats adding light and shadow patterns. You can do this in the beautiful asymmetry of the twist-detail and expertly braided back with trendy pulled out left set off with dainty flowers !!!

Casual messy to-do-for-half-length blonde hair prom updos for short hair

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

Looks like “cool” at your prom, try this beautiful disheveled faux-dutt! The blonde highlighting over-and-middle-brown roots really shows-off the texture you get by using your fingers to rearrange the top and sides. The sophisticatedly styled faux-Dutt is a fabulous trick for always relaxed elegance on half-length hair . And fine hair or medium hair gets a density of a disheveled dual color prom hairstyle!

Mature 4-way beige-blonde, with messy edge

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

If you are going all-out for a trendy and sophisticated prom appearance, this is a serious contender. The color and design blend 4 main shades enliven the dark-blonde base. Lighter beige-blond frame the face, attention to the eyes. And soft shades of bright beige and golden blonde create fantastic patterns in the high-fashion braids. The spiky tops are artfully pulled-down to add a touch of edge .

Fabulous faux-upstyle on platinum & oat-blonde bob cut

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

Here’s a party style that’s so different from the day-to-day haircut it’s bound to draw the admiration on your prom! The base is a mix of cool and warm light-blonde colors over darker roots, from which many of the color depths pinned in the fashionable twists casually from crown to nape. This trendy look is also easy to copy at home or on a friend’s hair!

Drop-dead ‘red carpet’ – elegance

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

This noble look lightens brown hair enormously with a lively swirl of disheveled curls decorating the crown and framing the face. The flat brown base looks gorgeous with mid-golden-brown-balayage and purposefully applied golden-blonde ombré. This style fits medium or thick hair and adds different textures, shapes and colors in a two evening look!

Cool blonde with a touch of ash-clay-in chaotic chignon

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

If you prefer not to look “over the style for your prom, this is a super chignon you can do at home without spending a fortune in the beauty salon. The “look” is a very fashionable mix of casual styling on a trendy cool blonde color over darker roots. With asymmetry in the cute head braid and loose strands framing the face, this chaotic prom hairstyle is effortless elegance sure!

Conquer your prom with fabulous deep purple purple color

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

If you want a style that is elegant and modern without being too “old” for a teen, you should consider giving a knock-out color. This model brunette hair shines with a temporary deep purple, color-wash, rich and eye-catching. In long curls under a cute swirl on the back you can see tons of color, depth and the reflected light shiny, healthy hair.

Stunning golden braid on super-long hair

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

Very long hair, is not always comfortable, in a style that is just too heavy and too hot for a dinner dance. But this one pulled out of braid with lots of color, depth and a texture is a great way to project Natural Glamor! The gorgeous, natural golden tones in this model’s hair accentuate a textured, party-look, will keep you feeling cool all evening!

Spectacular ash-blonde ombré braid on brunette hair

Elegante Frisuren für Prom - die Besten Prom Frisuren

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