Indigo & Aqua in a Stunning Color Blend

Summer ocean and night sky color! If mermaids existed this can be however their hair would look!

Indigo & Aqua in a Stunning Color Blend

The beautiful long hair is cut in long layers and titled into fabulous loose waves, that are untidy for an informal inhospitable or swaying sea-swept look!

The fully beautiful colors mix fantastically merging blues from the natural color spectrum that conjointly produce a wonderfully gauged contrast! the highest layer is colored a deep, inky-black indigo sort of a unclouded time of day sky in summer and this contrasts with the beautiful cobalt blue reminder the blue-green ocean in a very sleepyheaded lake.
This vogue is completely twenty first century high-fashion vogue and can produce a true wave of admiration where you go!
How does one think about this blue ombre hair?

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